What We’re Reading July 3, 2013

Good Morning ladies and gentlemen and welcome to yet another addition of What We’re Reading!

Today we have attempted to sift through all of the rubbish, noise and frivolity that pollutes the internet the way scandals pollute the Obama administration – to bring you pure current events gold.

We want you updated and knowledgeable of all the goings on so that when confronted with ignorance (usually in the form of a liberal), you’ll be able to combat the nonsense drivel with real factual argumentation.

Here’s what we’re reading today July 3, 2013.


Facebook persecutes the brilliant Steven Crowder.

Pro-death Abortionist tries to argue that abortion is safer than childbirth… Um, except for the person being MURDERED.

Pro-death abortion supporters in Texas keep culture “classy.” The leftists will say and do anything they please, because the media will never hold them accountable. If a group of conservatives tried to get away with some of the hateful vitriol being spewed by these monstrous left-wing baby killers… the media would have a field day with the footage.

More abortionists.

Obamacare will not allow Christian insurance companies – so much for “if you like  your insurance,  you can keep it.”

The Obamacare insurance mandate will be postponed until 2015.Egypt turmoil

Liberals were “forced” to watch Fox News when they tuned in to MSNBC and CNN to see what was happening with the Zimmerman trial.

Egypt may be on the cusp of Civil War.

A college student was asked to remove their cross necklace for fear that it “might offend” other students.