What We’re Reading July 22, 2013

Happy Monday!

It’s time to start a new week and hopefully this new week will bring only good news about economic recovery, positive international relations, and freedom at home. Either way, you can be sure that you’ll find the most important information right here at Eagle Rising.

Want to know what’s happening today?

Here’s what we’re reading on Monday July 22, 2013.

Dueling rallies in Houston grew tense on Sunday as protesters from the New Black Panther Party and protesters demonstrating for concealed carry met face to face. There were a few disparate “tussles” but all in all the day saw little violence.

Surprise, surprise the Huffington Post had a great piece on the Zimmerman trial outrage.

Governor Rick Snyder says that Michigan is not asking for any bailout of Detroit. He also tells us that emergency city manager, Kevyn Orr, places the blame for the city’s misfortunes squarely on the shoulders of previous city leaders.

Is the President finally going to start focusing on the economy? In what has been the most demoralizing “recovery” from any American economic downturn ever… it may be that the President is finally ready to look at the economy. In a series of speeches that will begin at Knox College in Illinois the President will begin discussing the economy.

Democrats and other Obamacare allies are starting to turn on the President and socialized healthcare advocates. It seems that the “worm is starting to turn.”

jameswoodsSenator Mike Lee (R-UT) will stop at nothing to keep Obamacare from coming to pass. Thank you Senator for sticking up for the 50%+ of the country who despise the Obamacare legislation.

Belgium has a new King.

Awesome. The White House Press Corps has a good laugh at Jay Carney’s suggestion that amnesty will RAISE wages… hahahaha.

I LOVE James Woods. Is there any better actor in the USA?