What We’re Reading July 20, 2013

Hey y’all, hope you are enjoying your Saturday morning. Want to catch up on what’s happening in your world today? Well have no fear we have your daily dose of information.

Here’s what we’re reading Saturday July 20, 2013

Osama bin Laden’s nephew claims he was tortured by U.S. officials on an airplane! Apparently they were unwilling to give him headphones to watch his favorite episodes of “Family Guy”… those monsters.

Eric Holder and the Justice Department have thus far refused to return George Zimmerman’s gun to him, having placed a hold on the evidence from the recently concluded trial.

Once popular VJ of MTV fame, Kennedy, has the best response to the hold up.

Detroit has declared bankruptcy. However, a judge has ruled that the city must withdraw the filing, in part because “it’s not honoring to Obama” who she knows “is watching this.”

If you’ve missed this all too important debate, you’re forgiven… apparently there is a debate “raging” among anthropologists over whether or nor war is inevitable among humans.

Charles Barkley continues to be the voice of reason on the takeaway from the Zimmerman trial… we must be living in Bizarro world for Barkley to be our leading light on race relations. Yikes.

An Illinois state Representative has come up with a unique answer as to why so many young people are dying on Chicago’s mean streets. “Maybe the police are killing these kids.” Ladies and Gentlemen… another insane Democrat from Chicago.

no starIn today’s news of the surreal, an atheist group is attempting to ensure that the Star of David is not allowed on a proposed Holocaust Memorial that is being planned for the Ohio Statehouse. That’s right… no symbol of Judaism on the monument to the Jews who survived one of the greatest persecution of Jews ever. Does this atheist group not realize they too are persecuting Jews here?

A Community College student in Arizona was suspended for requesting to be in a class that primarily used English for instruction. She was then called a bigot (among other things) and suspended. She is now suing the school.