What We’re Reading July 2, 2013

Need your daily fix of what’s happening around the world? Well don’t you worry, you’ve come to the right place – here’s what we’re reading today July 2, 2013.

The folks at Political Outcast want to let us know that Marco Rubio is no RINO. That may be a subject that is open for debate…

A Catholic monk was beheaded by rebels in Syria… to a chorus of cheers. These are our allies folks.

Edward Snowden is talking again…

Uh-oh… Clinton crushes Rubio among prospective Latino voters.

Leftist magazine Salon just can’t stand the “heinous” tweets conservative pro-lifers come up with… when asked to produce said tweets, Salon could offer no examples.

Eleanor Clift trying to be cute on the same subject was actually pretty disgusting. Clift believes that Wendy Davis’s filibuster could turn the state “baby-blue”. Seriously?

Here’s something really exciting – California teachers are suing to stop mandatory union dues! This could have a dramatic impact on politics in California, because mandatory union dues bring in billions for unions across the country. Money that they use to make sure Democrats get elected… here’s hoping these brave teachers can bring down the monstrosity that is the teachers union.librarian

The newest cheerleaders for Obamacare? Your local librarian

Hollywood is bending over backwards to make sure that the Chinese government approves of their product.

It might be time to seriously consider inventing a real cone of silence… some guy just had headphones implanted into his ears, and plans on using them to eavesdrop on people.