What We’re Reading Friday July 19, 2013

Good Friday morning! The weekend is almost here folks… just hang in there.

Here’s what we’re reading Friday July 19, 2013.

NBA great Charles Barkley was on CNBC to give his opinion on the recently concluded Zimmerman trial. His view on the matter is enlightening, and reminiscent of another surprising reaction from Muslim rapper Lupe Fiasco.

An Environmental Scientist from the University of Colorado testified that it is incorrect and misleading to imply that “global warming” has cause an increase in incidences of extreme weather. In fact, he  cites figures that show in some cases the incidences have actually decreased.

As Democrats continue to try and sell the idea that there is “nothing to see here” in regards to the IRS scandal, more and more whistleblowers keep coming forward. A upper level management official who had been fingered before as a “supervisor” in the scheme has said that he in turn was guided by directions from the very top of the IRS itself. The more Democrats protest that this is a non-scandal, the more it begins to seem as though there is a disgusting level of corruption at the IRS.

Jake Tapper goes after Eliot Spitzer with some great questions. The best one – why didn’t you get charged for breaking the law that you signed into law? Great questions Jake! He also pointed out that the madame who set Spitzer up with his prostitutes was charged and spent 5 months in prison, while Spitzer simply returned to his life.

obamaliesChuck Todd was recently complaining that people were upset that Obama “let” Detorit go bankrupt. Hey Chuck… maybe if you were doing your job and reminding the President that one of his campaign promises was to “not let Detroit go bankrupt,” your viewers wouldn’t have to.

One of the chief architects of the Gang of Eight immigration bill, John McCain, doesn’t actually know what’s in the bill. He was asked how many times a person can forge a passport before being tried for a crime… he didn’t know. They get 3 forgeries before being charged, by the way…