What We’re Reading August 1, 2013

We hope you’re having a great day wherever you are and that the news we dig up for you this morning helps you navigate the day more efficiently! It’s a busy world out there, and you don’t have a ton of free time to be doing Internet searches for the most important items of the day… lucky for you, we do. We drink gallons of coffee in an effort to stay awake long enough to scour the far reaches of the world wide web in an effort to bring you the most important, useful and useless information every single day. You’re welcome.

So without further ado, here’s what we’re reading Thursday August 1, 2013.

President Obama’s spokesman Jay Carney says that the IRS scandal and the Benghazi scandal are both “PHONY.”

The Republican Party will be able to use a very famous Mark Twain quote after the 2016 elections suggest the Guardian newspaper. “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

Republican voters want their party to be tougher on spending and immigration.

Rand Paul is ready to make up with Chris Christie… they face enough attacks from Democrats, they shouldn’t be attacking each other.

Howard Dean agrees with Sarah Palin… Obamacare definitely does have “death panels.”

Emails suggest that the IRS conspired with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) to persecute and harass conservative organizations.

John McCain wants you to know that he wasn’t cheered by a group of Democrats for nefarious purposes… just an accident.

Ted Cruz says, “There is no greater threat to the economy, to jobs, and to our prosperity than Obamacare.

Ted Cruz is also befuddled by the recent spate of attacks leveled at him from his fellow Republicans. It’s alarming to think that Cruz faces blowback from within the Party for simply looking for ways to end Obamacare.

MSNBC-FAILMSNBC continues its ratings slide… this is getting serious.

President Obama has some good advice for you (don’t be shocked), “You can’t believe everything you read on Huffington Post.” That must have hurt for the leader in sycophantic reporting…

It seems as though the MLB will look to hand down a lifetime ban on erstwhile New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez over allegations of steroid abuse.