What We’re Reading at the Last Resistance!

A bunch of great articles have caught our attention at Last Resistance today – and we wanted to share what we’re reading with you!




  • MSNBC has left behind any pretense that it is a “news” network or that it is remotely unbiased, hey have come out of the proverbial closet to champion causes of the left, and abortion is their cause du jour.


  • The story of young Tripp Halstead is changing lives and bringing a community together.


  • Who’s the biggest con-man in politics? The answer can be found here at the Patriot Update!




  • Howard Kurtz has left CNN for a position at Fox News, while a coup for Fox – Kurtz was often one of the “saner” voices at CNN. He wasn’t reliably fair, but he was more likely to be fair than almost anyone else at CNN.