What If Homophobic Trayvon Martin Had Killed Zimmerman?

Given the media inspired push to lynch George Zimmerman by exacerbating self-inflamed racial tensions and find their “justice“. I have to take pause and ask, would this trial be as divisive and racially sensitive if Trayvon Martin (the black guy) had successfully beat George Zimmerman (the alleged gay guy) to death and Martin was on trial for a hate crime murder. Let me explain.

After the prosecution’s star witness, Rachael Jeantel concluded her testimony; racisms experts—in defense of Jeantel—continue to chastise white America’s inability to understand black society and its colloquialisms. However, Miss Jeantel’s poorly articulated testimony revealed a very powerful black bias misunderstood by whites and purposely ignored by liberals in the media.

The phrase “creepy a** cracker” in certain African American circles is not a disparaging reference to white people. It is a phrase describing a male homosexual. So much for white America’s inability to grasp ethnically challenged linguistics.

No one is addressing the overt homophobic slur Martin used that night—as Miss Jeantel testified—to describe Zimmerman. Remember, Jeantel’s sworn testimony revealed Jeantel’s greatest fear of the man following Martin that night. According to Jeantel, she warned Martin “he could be a rapist” and recommended, “He get out of there.” Martin uttered the phrase “creepy a** cracker” and somehow came face to face with an armed Zimmerman.

It is possible Martin’s actions were motivated by black homophobia. Did Trayvon’s anti-gay slur reveal his unsavory intent to bash a perceived “gay man” in the misguided defense of his masculinity? If I were George Zimmerman’s attorney, I would have explored this plausible theory for Martin’s attack on Zimmerman. Clearly, the Zimmerman defense attorney did not understand the origins of the slur. He simply assumed it mildly disrespectful to whites, not anti-gay.

The race baiting media want America to believe that George Zimmerman, armed with a gun, instigated a fistfight because he wanted to shoot a black kid and become a neighborhood hero. Nowhere in their biased theories is room for the possibility that Martin may have made an irate decision to confront Zimmerman. Instead of running from his alleged pursuer to avoid harm—the first instinctual response of most people when in fear of potential sexual assault—Martin attacked a man whose sexuality he may have despised

With the prosecutions frail case coming unglued, a divisive media is shifting their focus away from Rachel Jeantel’s testimony back to Florida’s self-defense laws. The folks at MSNBC, CNN, Salon.com and “The Nation” would prefer America not catch on to the anti-gay statements, contained in the prosecution’s star witness testimony, made the night of the shooting. It will be interesting to see if Martin’s “creepy a** cracker” slur is revisited by the Zimmerman defense. It makes sense to expose it.

The media is now reeling and shaping public opinion to support one of two possible scenarios for conviction: Zimmerman was the racist aggressor who started the fight, got what he deserved then shot Martin after losing or Trayvon was justified in attacking Zimmerman because he was in fear for his safety and Zimmerman was unjustified in using deadly force. Either way, if you buy their convoluted wisdom Zimmerman deserves life in prison and anything less will bring civil unrest.

Perhaps the ostensible reality of the Obama Media vs. Zimmerman trial reveals the rarely discussed gay prejudices festering in black American society. Then again, what do I know? I am just a white man who acted on a hunch and asked multiple black men to define—within the context of the Martin trial—the term “creepy a** cracker.” My editors will not permit the publishing of the indelicate definitions provided by chuckling black males, who did not understand why I was asking them for clarification. Suffice it to say Trayvon’s description of Zimmerman that night—according to my well place sources—was a derogatory expression used by blacks to describe male homosexuals.

I’m surprised Reverend Al and Toure’ did not know that. They are from the hood, right?