What I Would Have Said to the Hofstra University Student at the Debate

As it was in the 2008 election, Obama expects American’s to buy the liberal fiction that good times are on the horizon. I have to hand it to the President; he makes a heck of a bologna sandwich. Obama’s Tuesday night debate performance displayed his characteristic charisma and likeable demeanor. He gave a great sales pitch for four more years, but then I remembered charm doesn’t pay the bills.

Accumulating debt will never solve American’s problems and no President not even a Romney Presidency will provide overnight relief from our runaway government. As well intentioned as campaign promises always are Americans would do well to remember Presidents don’t make laws, legislatures do. And while our nation descends ever further into the economic abyss, politicians continue to duck the tough questions in a battle for one party rule.

The first question in the debate posed by a Hofstra University student should be telling for the American public. Neither candidate addressed this young man’s concerns for his future, and how could they?  Neither Obama nor Romney told him the truth. They just said what would be safe and forgettable, and if I was this sophomore I would have been demoralized by both candidates’ elusive responses.

This question, like most during the debate, was an opportunity for a leader to step forth and tell Americans the hard truth about our next generation’s predicament. My response although politically uncomfortable and devoid of charm would have given this young man the truth:

“In order for American’s to have a future we must begin to be responsible for the past and that means cutting back on government luxury and concentrating on life’s necessities. I’m sorry young man, but your job prospects will probably not conform to your expectations. The country already has enough executive managers and what we really need are tradesmen and factory labor, not political science majors and finance wizzes.”

“It will be decades before America is again an industrial giant instead of the gluttons of cheap foreign made widgets born of poorly considered trade agreements and subordinated debt. You, young man, are about to be disappointed with the government promises that your parents voted for in the last election and by the way you owe the world 50 grand, and they want it back. Your future was mortgaged by irresponsible politicians who are at this moment sitting at home campaigning instead of laboring on a specific plan for you and every other American’s future.”

“Our national infrastructure is crumbling, our debt is larger than our GDP, the public’s work ethic is dying, our constitution and government is on a path of self-destruction and American values are being shaped by the morally bankrupt.”

“Take a good look at what we have allowed ourselves to become; a nation of people who tolerate the lies broadcast by a biased media protecting the perpetrators. The last debate was a telling example of things to come if Americans allow themselves to be divided by liberal excuses and vote for charming promises. Tell your parents our nation’s kids deserve better than President Obama’s promised prosperity through government controlled poverty.”

For me the debate was a 90-minute slap fight. Nauseating is a word that comes to mind when I consider that one of these men might be our leader in January. I’m angry with what my country has become and the selfishness with which we lap up public displays of character assassination and egocentric victories like Tuesday night’s debate. We will not have a country to protect if we don’t except the reality that our government will never work if we continue to accept charming promises over constitutionally formulated plans from realistic leaders.