What Happens When An Armed Robber Picks On The Wrong Pizza Driver

Pizza delivery drivers are obviously prime targets for criminals because of all the cash they carry. And they drive around at nighttime when criminals are most active. That pizza deliverers are disarmed as a condition of employment just makes the situation that much worse. Criminals depend on and expect their victims to be defenseless. They operate best in gun-free zones where citizens aren’t allowed to protect themselves with any kind of weapon.

But every now and then, an employee breaks the rules and carries a gun anyway, because he values his life more than his job. He knows that the worst that could come of defending himself from an armed criminal is that he would lose his job. In the grand scheme of things, losing your job isn’t that big of a deal compared with losing your life, especially when you could have prevented it.

As for this particular pizza driver’s occupational fate, it remains unclear. It didn’t appear to be a big pizza franchise like Domino’s or Pizza Hut that he worked for, so nothing may happen. Hopefully, he’ll be able to keep his job. It’s a shame when hard-working Americans have to worry about such things and “weigh the risks” associated with defending themselves.

A local ABC News affiliate reported on the incident, which happened in a suburb of not-so-gun-friendly Detroit, Michigan:

When James Wethers heard three gunshots around 11 p.m. Monday night, he looked outside and saw a frantic pizza delivery driver and a man face down on the driveway across the street from his Michigan home. Redford Township police say the pizza delivery driver opened fire as he was being robbed by 20-year-old Tajuan Boyd. Boyd was later pronounced dead at a Michigan hospital. After the shooting, witnesses say they saw a possible accomplice speeding away from the scene. Detectives from Detroit suburb’s police department are still investigating the incident.

The robber was armed and had put his gun against the delivery driver’s head, at which point the driver shot back before he became a victim himself. I think this is a pure self-defense case and that the driver was perfectly justified in doing what he did.