What do we do? We lied too!

I don’t know about the rest of America, but I have often wondered why Conservatives are so nice to Liberals when they go on the attack. Are the threats of exposure for decades of bad deals and politically expedient compromise worth protecting when America is failing? After all, wealthy politicians (Democrat or Republican) care little for the average American future. When will our so-called honorable and patriotic representatives begin the trench warfare battle we need to bring this thing back?

Why is 5% percent unemployment acceptable in America? Why do Veterans have to kick in for their healthcare coverage? Why isn’t anybody in prison for the sub-prime mortgage crisis and the economic damage inflicted on our country? Why is it so expensive for the average American (not on the government dole) to take care of a reasonably sized family in the freest country in the world? Because our government lies and we accept it.

The American electorate in general is as needy and wanting as the entitlement class; waking every day in the hope that some new political darling or some old stately dog will change their ways and bring us back to a government for the people and by the people. In the end, it is the people we have in Washington, all of them, those that couldn’t change a flat tire if it meant getting to the bank to cash their paychecks, which have dissolved our voice and expect us to settle for a softly sold compromise when a street fight is required. Because whomever you vote for you are voting for a patron of some special interest group; not the heart and soul of the American people. They all lie. And we argue about it. In the end we are being groomed to distrust our own instincts and cave to their crooked wisdom.

Each and every elected representative in Washington owns the same share of the mess this country is in. They have all eaten of the flesh of irresponsible spending and accumulated debt. Now they want us to believe that they can fix this? They can somehow find a way to satisfy the Left and the Right and bring us back from the brink? Nobody is telling the truth and even fewer are willing to accept responsibility for the failures each party has brought to the table.

For one reason or other both the Democrats and the Republicans have either pushed for or allowed the strongest and most benevolent nation in the world to become second class. We let them do it. Decade after decade an overwhelming number of Americans didn’t engage in the electoral process and now we expect our elected representatives to listen? To cast aside the siren song of big lobbies money and re-election to listen to the regular guy?

I’ll give Barack Obama and David Axelrod one thing: it wasn’t difficult to get the majority of the vote. They just needed to convince a few percent of Americans to get off their butts and get to the polls. Meanwhile the new right wing of the Republican Party argues about whether they should take a softer stand on abortion, gay marriage, and immigration policies.

Our republic cannot sustain itself on decades-old political patronage. If Americans don’t go out and vote at the local and state level and carry that determination to federal elections no argument we may have on this blog or after some T.V. news broadcast will ever affect a darn thing. Voting percentages send the most resounding counteroffensive to big money influence (Democrat or Republican) we can send.

The greatest influences on our system of government are the big campaign contributors (left or right) and the army of lobbyist’s they employ to extort their will from our elected representatives, not the voter. Our economy consists of people pushing paper to service a global economy that is turning its back on a financially destitute America. Our elected officials care more for their egos then the oath they take and a little more than two thirds of Americans vote.

Why should any American be forced to consider desperation as an alternative? If you want to know who bought and paid for your representative and which way they will vote look to the campaign contributions and the laws that allow our will to be stolen to service politically expedience.