What Do Our Elites Get Away With?

Last week the news hit about the bizarre sexual practices of former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn, and about a large group of people who would sponsor sex parties in order to win his favor. This was reported, but was treated as some sort of weird human interest story rather than as a story about how our international global institutions are corrupt. In addition to charges of orgiastic hedonism and prostitutes, Strauss-Kahn has also been accused of rape or attempted rape. But so far the evidence for criminal charges have been deemed insufficient.

Now the news breaks that Sir James Wilson Vincent Savile was involved in a great deal of child molestation or child rape at the children’s home Haut de la Garenne. “Jimmy” Savile was a British celebrity. The story that he was involved in horrific pedophilia is disgusting and repulsive, but it doesn’t seem that earth-shattering to those of us who never knew about him.

But what is much more disturbing is the massive cover-up. These accusations surfaced repeatedly after 2000 while Savile was alive, but they were always denied on the basis of “insufficient evidence.”  As soon as he died, however, it seems as if the children’s home, which has been accused of allowing such behavior, felt it was safe to go ahead and admit that many of the complaints were against him.

Why the sudden change? As one accuser put it:

“Because he’s dead and he can’t talk or bring down all the other big names. Their view would be that we, the survivors, keep going on about celebrities abusing kids at Haut de la Garenne, so OK, ‘Here’s one, he’s dead and he can’t talk.’ But Savile was just the tip of the iceberg.”

Big names of what kind? While he was alive, Savile won the admiration of Margaret Thatcher, was knighted by Queen Elizabeth, and even given honors from the Pope. All these awards have been or soon will be rescinded. The real suspicions weren’t reported until after these tributes. But who else is out there with “Sir” in front of his name who has done or is even presently doing the same thing? Does anyone important ever really get caught and prosecuted for this sort of crime?

According to the Guardian, police investigators were actually fired for pursuing this case. Many more were unquestionably pressured and blocked from investigating. There are accusers coming forward with stories about being “loaned out” to “members of the yachting fraternity and other prominent citizens on the pretence of recreational trips but during which they were savagely abused and often raped.” It is one thing to hear that such charges are proven untrue, or even that there is insufficient evidence. It is altogether another thing to find out that the result of “insufficient evidence” may be due to police authorities higher up obstructing investigators to keep them from getting to the truth.

What will we suddenly learn about Dominique Strauss-Kahn after he departs in his bed surrounded by all his money? Perhaps we already know the worse. I have no way of being sure. But we have every reason to question the character of our elites and how our institutions might protect them rather than allow them to get the same kind of justice as other people.