What are the liberal solutions?

Everyday liberals take the time to participate on this site and leave comments critical of conservative principles and Republican’s frugal desires to reign in the national debt and entitlement spending. Plenty of blame is laid at the feet of former President Bush and now John Boehner’s Congress is being scapegoated for the gridlock in our government. Liberals are very generous with their disdain, but where are the left’s credible solutions?

No one can doubt that out of control government spending is a threat to our nation’s fiscal health. Any country that owes $16 trillion plus in short term debt for a national economy that generates less than $15 trillion is teetering on the edge of a dangerous cliff. We can’t teeter forever. Something must been done.

Many of our people are calling for bipartisanship and compromise. These requests are falling on deaf ears. Our politicians are more worried about the next election than making sound decisions. Likewise many of our fellow Americans are more concerned with an ideological victory over our Republics prosperity. And yes many have given up and resigned themselves to preparing for the consequences of our social and political decline.

I would like to hear from some of my well educated and sharp witted liberals readers. I would like them to tell me and their fellow conservative readers what problem they believe their ideology can solve and specifically how they propose we execute that plan. Remember, you proposal should be legal and provable.

The following topics are open to discussion: Debt Reduction, Deficit Reduction, Tax Reform, Entitlement Reform, Economic Growth, Gun Violence, Election Reform and Declining American Morals.

I am interested in hearing the what, how and why of liberal thinking. Remember, it would be best if you included more fact than theory/opinion in your answer. Some of our readers will be ready and able to tear any emotional argument apart. I’m looking for credible answers to our dilemma not fantasy.

Instead of acting like the Democrat Party elite and waiting in the wings to pick apart conservative proposals, I would love to hear from all the liberals about your thoughts and ideas to resolve some of the problems facing our country that relate to the topics I have listed above. Perhaps some constructive discourse between opposing sides of the American electorate will provide genuine consensus for our countries leaders.

Liberals are in charge of this party. I ask conservatives to give them room to share their ideas and if criticism is warranted, it should be respectful and factual. I would ask that the President and Democrats be treated with basic respect for their office regardless of what one’s personal feelings may be.

Not for nothing, but I think this might be a teachable moment for all. I’d love to see everyone stick around for the debate. Remember sometimes even an idiot will let his genius shine through. Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly.