“We’re not impotent!” The Obama Administration desperately pretends their Mid-East Policy is not a failure

Well “the fix is in”–if such desperate and palpably fake creative story-telling can fix anything for the Obama regime. When our consulate in Libya was initially burned to the ground, and our diplomats killed, officials readily acknowledged to journalists that this was “an extensive and complicated effort by well-armed and seemingly well-informed attackers.”

But no more!

Now the official story is that this was just another Muslim riot in reaction to a horrible preview on YouTube (I have yet to see any direct testimony that confirms the existence of the alleged full-length movie). The Libyan rioters were trying to “to replicate” in Cairo, and somehow accidentally overshot by destroying the consulate and killing Americans. So this was all an oops?

Oh, yes, officials admit there may have been some terrorists who saw the riot and improvised to inspire it to be more deadly, but that is just a fluke—completely unrelated to our “liberating the Libyan people.” We haven’t armed and empowered Al Qaeda in a country that used to be at war with them. Oh no. They just happened to be there. They are merely “some individual clusters of extremists who came with heavier weapons.”

This interview with, Susan Rice, the US Ambassador to the UN is an amazingly brazen denial of reality (scroll down). She insists the Libyan people love us and that we are well-loved by the Muslim world and completely capable of doing everything we want to. Everything bad that has happened is an unimportant and temporary reaction to one dirty movie.

After Obama was given his unearned Nobel Peace Prize, he went on his famous “apology tour” and supposedly reconciled everything between Islamic countries and the US. As this story from 2010 shows, while Americans were suffering through recession, the State Department was upgrading Mosques and providing Imams with perks like internet service. How much love has that bought us? One egregious bit of disrespect on YouTube and now there are riots all over North Africa and South Asia, and even in places like Australia.

What was the point of all that work and money and apologizing? Wasn’t this going to be the “hope and change” from the Bush Administration’s policy?

“Jake, we’re not impotent,” insisted Ambassador Rice to her interviewer. It was a telling answer since he didn’t claim the US was impotent. He just asked why we appeared to be impotent. It is not often you get such a perfect Freudian slip.

She also insisted that we are “not even less popular” in Muslim countries. Does the Administration really believe the American people are that blind? She recited her evidence which basically amounted to this: we are able to get some Muslim governments to help us out.

In other words, we have influence through our military and economic power to get governments to cooperate with us. Given how much money we spend on weapons and foreign “aid” (bribery), I would hope we can indeed get some cooperation.

But how is that “hope and change”?

In the meantime, Rice continues to pretend that we have “liberated” Libya as if it will not now become another hostile state like Iran. We have replaced a horrible secular dictatorship with a horrible anarchic warring territory that will eventually become another horrible Islamic dictatorship.

If we’re not impotent, then we are doing it on purpose. Which is it?