Website Leads to Multiple Stabbings of 12 Year Old Girl

For all of the liberal social advocates who continue to claim that violent television, movies, video games or websites do not lead to crime had better hear about what happened to a 12 year old girl in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

The girl, whose identity is being withheld, was found by a passing bicyclist at the edge of David’s Park on the city’s south side. Greg Steinberg immediately called 911 and told the dispatcher:

“She’s having trouble breathing. She says she has been stabbed multiple times.”

During the 5 minute call, Steinberg asked the girl who did this to her but told the dispatcher that she doesn’t seem to want to be talked to at the moment. Afterwards, the media flocked to Steinberg like piranha to a wounded animal seeking interviews. He issued the following statement and then said he would not be doing any further interviews:

“Our family wishes to offer its thoughts and prayers to the victim, her family, and to the entire community, which is profoundly shocked and saddened by the recent event.”

The girl was stabbed 19 times by two classmates of hers at Horning Middle School. By the grace of God, she is in critical but stable condition and is expected to survive.

The two attackers, also 12 years old are Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier. They have been charged with first-degree attempted homicide and are being held on $500,000 bail each.

The reason for the brutal attack on a classmate was motivated by the two attackers’ infatuation with an internet character known as Slender Man. The girls thought he was a real person that they found on the website Creepypasta. Slender Man is a fictitious paranormal character who preys on children and grows tendrils out of his fingers and back.

According to reports:

“Weier said Geyser told her they should become “proxies” of Slender Man and kill their friend to prove themselves worthy of him, according to the complaint. Weier said she was surprised by Geyser’s suggestion but also excited to prove skeptics wrong and show that Slender Man really did exist.”

William Weier, the older brother of Annissa, told the media that his little sister loved Creepypasta and anything else creepy, but was mystified as why it became real to her. He stated:

“I know she understood what she was doing because she is very intelligent, but she is only a little girl so I don’t think she understood the ramifications of what she was doing.”

This incident is a testimony to our liberal society and should not be as shocking as it seems. First of all, our kids are taught there is no God or any Supreme Being to which they are responsible to and that man makes the rules. They are also taught that there are no absolute truths and life is all about them and their needs and desires.

Secondly, it shows that guns are not the problem with violent attacks. Evidently these girls didn’t have access to guns so they turned to knives or some other sharp object with which they stabbed their classmate 19 times. If liberals take away guns we are certain to see an increase in crimes committed with knives, screwdrivers, hammers, machetes, poisons and other objects. Man is sinful and he will always find a way to carry out his sinful lusts and actions.

Thirdly, where is the parental supervision? In today’s corrupt and perverse world and with all of the internet predators, parents have an obligation to monitor what their kids are watching, listening to and looking at online. There are a number of programs that will allow parents to block unwanted sites from being accessed by their kids.

When I was growing up, parents were held accountable for their child’s actions. When we got in trouble, our parents also got in trouble. That helped force parents to take more of an active role in our lives. I suggest the same thing be done today and that the parents of the two girls also be held accountable for their girls’ actions in the vicious stabbing attack of their classmate.