We tolerated Liberals and now we have a Radical

Early voting will begin soon and the Obama/Biden campaign continues its assault on American race relations and our national culture. Specializing in “packaging black candidates for white voters” Obama’s chief campaign strategist David Axelrod is once again conning Americans to vote for the black guy by blaming white men.

Our President’s campaign has chosen an incendiary and divisive political strategy designed to vilify criticism of our first Black President’s radical ideology and his failures. Liberals have always used “white guilt” as their prevailing narrative for minority failures. Some people call it “playing the race card”, I prefer the term “ghetto politics” as its roots can be traced back to liberal activism in northern state criminal courts of the 1970’s. It started with the “product of my environment defense” shamelessly used to rationalize rising inner city crime rates.

New York based attorney, William Kunstler, a self-described “radical criminal defense lawyer” was very successful in trivializing his black client’s crimes by manufacturing white guilt. In court and in the media, Kunstler indicted white American racial neglect for the ghettos that produced violent black criminals; and guilty verdicts in black on white crimes were viewed as discriminatory. Liberal activist’s cause of last resort (racism) will always be used to ostracize the white American male. After all it’s an all-encompassing and effective strategy that finds allies as well as victims in all radical circles.

Chicago’s David Axelrod and President Obama have stolen a page from Kunstler’s playbook and added new depth to liberal anti-white male campaigning. The manufactured war on women, gay rights fight and anti-immigration messages are all a by-product of a shared strategy to marginalize established white male accomplishment; and create false outrage against Mitt Romney to secure a victory for the anti-American establishment.

For one reason or another, activist politicians and radical community organizers have always faulted their conservative opposition for unorthodox liberal policy failures. White men are now being held responsible for U.S. deficits and debt because our humble black President was elected to do a job he chose, yet didn’t fully understand. Therefore, Obama was forced by a white male dominated legislature to waste his first term on saving our economy and national security while setting aside immigration reform, gay rights and the middle class housing crisis for his second term. Meanwhile, the worldwide surge in Islamic ideology and its murderous attacks on Americans is a failure of a white male foreign policy emanating from a liberal female Secretary of State. In other words “don’t elect the white guy with a plan, because it would be racist to vote against the incompetent minority”.

The truth is that our President’s disingenuous excuses and campaign strategy are typical for a radical with Barack Obama’s background. Had his lack of qualifications and radical ideology been fairly vetted by a biased media during the 2008 Democratic primary election Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would not be speaking at the United Nations on Yom Kippur and Israeli men, women and children would not worry for the future.

Contrary to what the Obama campaign is promoting, black radical narcissism is not caused by nor will it be arrested by the political indictment of white males. It’s caused by a dangerous combination of a dysfunctional upbringing and the progressive brainwashing perpetrated by progressive academics and liberal activists. Barack Obama is a product of prideful liberal social engineering and unearned accomplishments manufactured by irresponsible Democrats. Decades of excuse laden liberal legislation and media assisted government demagoguery has divided our nation against itself. This has always been the liberal strategy and now we have a headstrong black President facilitating the institutionalizing of radical idealism.

I would argue that both Sen. Joe McCarthy and J. Edgar Hoover recognized the insidious threat that was infiltrating our national mindset and although their tactics were overzealous their foresight cannot be disputed. European progressivism and socialism is alive and well in the Obama Administration brought to you by the sleight of hand tactics of America’s liberals. To inadequately paraphrase 20th Century writer and philosopher C.K. Chesterton; Americans beware you are sacrificing your convictions for destructive causes masquerading as tolerance.