We Can’t Fight Obama When We’re Fighting Among Ourselves!

These days having a subdued and meaningful conversation is as scarce as factual news reporting. It seems that most Americans are angry about someone else taking advantage of legislated inequalities and they just can’t seem to find common sense anymore. It is almost like a big family arguing about the will when mom hasn’t been waked yet.

These days Americans lack any level of focus and prefer to immerse themselves in the emotional current of public discussion shaped by the Dartmouth and Cornell crowd while ignoring the obvious solutions. They have forgotten that rarely in life does the Ivy-league show up to do the dirty work. They just sit back and delegate obligations like a modern day aristocracy. Funny thing: in some cases the points debated on this blog are points that are shaped by regular people who care more for the message than the messenger.

Americans need to shape their own opinions and find their own priorities. Between our government and either side of the media our citizens have forgotten what is important and we waste time looking for one hero to save the day when there is a hero inside each of us that can effect small sustainable changes to our society and governing if we just made the effort. There are only a handful of real problems in our country. The rest is peripheral blather that is better suited for the cocktail circuit and Appletini sipping pseudo-academics. As it always is, the hard work will fall on the backs of middle-America, not the Gods and Goddesses of success and notoriety.

Middle America is floundering, waiting for some wiser and smarter social messiah to solve our governing problems. We vote like we’re told and mostly that means party line and inevitably we are disappointed. We saber rattle and pontificate while making exceptions for those of our brethren that shirk their responsibility to think or engage and fall victims to the good looking posing as experts on T.V.

Whether it’s MSNBC or Fox News our media outlets have lost sight of their true mission and have caused nothing more than manufactured controversies feeding the willing appetite of middle class intellectual slaves. Bottom line, if we weren’t fighting amongst ourselves they wouldn’t have a job. After all Dick Morris can always write another book, since most people have forgotten about his Bill Clinton Days.

Americans need to find meaningful priorities and focus on pushing for change in those areas alone. There are only a few precious and hard fought changes that we require and yet many think it’s the Electoral College, entitlement reform, or party unity. Most of our electorate’s priorities are as blind deaf and dumb as John Boehner on a K street bar stool so it’s no wonder he’s in charge.

Our government, both parties have spent more time dividing our nation and raising money to stay in power than doing the peoples work. Almost all of the media are complicit in changing the subject (when convenient), fostering division, and pleading for party loyalty rather than actually discussing relevant issues. After all for them it’s about ratings and upward mobility; not changes. Has anyone ever considered how many journalists would be out of a job if Americans shaped their own political agenda?

I am not a journalist. I’m just a guy who grinds out a living while the upper class and so called disadvantaged underclass steal my children’s future and my country’s identity. If middle-America doesn’t take the time to prioritize the issues of our coming battles, we will lose our country to the very same people who have been pretending to fight for us for decades.

I for one would like to hear the middle guy have a voice in how this show is run. We have trusted the so called come-from-nothing and academically superior for far too long and if we continue to buy their insight as fact we will just feed an endless argument and nothing will be resolved.