Watch SNL’s Take on the First Democrat Debate!

This past weekend Saturday Night Live took on the Democrat presidential debate and delivered some very funny moments. Larry David as Bernie Sanders was perfect, Alec Baldwin (who, while being a mean spirited, rude and tiresome liberal is still a very funny dude) gets Jim Webb spot-on, and Kate McKinnon continues to kill it with her Hillary Clinton impression.

While the entire sketch is funny, it was also a bit sad to see an avowed socialist treated as a “serious” candidate in one of the most important cultural shows on TV.

Some of my favorite moments include Martin O’Malley’s introduction where he mentions that two very violent and dark shows about Baltimore (The Wire and Homicide) were produced while he was mayor of the city. Not exactly a “positive sign” about O’Malley’s leadership abilities.

The other was Larry David’s (doing Bernie Sanders) take on modern America…

If you don’t mind, I’m gonna dial it right up to a 10. We’re doomed. We need a revolution! Millions of people on the streets! And we gotta do something! And we gotta do it now… Ahhhh!”