Watch Neil Cavuto go Head-to-Head with Student Who Wants “Free” College

Neil Cavuto is such a cool guy. Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity should emulate him. He’s a very gracious interviewer, and he’s able to have a discussion with anyone no matter what his or her views are. He doesn’t try to embarrass the person. He can argue without being nasty about it.

Cavuto questioned organizer Keely Mullen with the Million Student March movement. So, what is it that a “million” students are marching for? They want college to be “free.” Of course, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Somebody’s got to pay for it. What they want is for college to be free for them, and for the one percent to pick up the tab.

It’s not fair that we have ultra wealthy people in this world. That in and of itself is social injustice. That group of people at the top needs to be punished for hoarding that much money. And according to these kids with Million Student March, those ultra wealthy individuals should pay not only for everyone else’s college, but also several other welfare programs.

Did you catch that? Cavuto asked her what would happen if these one-percenters decided to leave the country. Then, who would pay? She said that there will always be one-percenters in America.

I’m sure people in Greece thought the same thing. Like Cavuto said, young people were rioting in the streets there because they couldn’t believe that the money was gone.

It might make sense in the mind of a child that all you have to do is take as much money as you can from those who make the most. But those people will find another country to live in if their own government is trying to steal all they have to pay for welfare programs for others.

Who actually thinks that rich people would have any incentive whatsoever to work and make money if the tax rate were 100%? I don’t think even this girl thinks that the super wealthy would go for that. But what she wants is to force the one percent to stay in this country and make as much money as possible knowing that it’s going to be taxed to pay for her and her friends to go to college and to have their student loan debts wiped clean. She calls it “injustice” for people to be that wealthy. Isn’t it an injustice to petition the government to steal more of their money just because the rest of us don’t have as much?

The truth of the matter is that the government is involved in way too much. The more the government’s involved, the more pricey things get and the crummier the quality.

These kids want a free ride through life. They want the government/one percent to pay for everything. The problem is that the bigger the government gets, the more impossible it is to sustain itself. At some point, the bubble won’t get any bigger. It’ll just pop.