Watch How Obama Responds to Rape Victim at Gun Control Town Hall

Rape survivor Kimberly Corban was at Obama’s town hall event on gun control. She now has two kids. She asked why Obama and his administration are trying to make it more difficult for people like her to own a firearm:

Corban’s story isn’t unique. You may also remember a student at the University of Nevada named Amanda Collins. She was raped on campus in a “safe zone” at gunpoint, right next to the campus police station. Collins even had a concealed carry license, but because the university did not allow firearms, she was not able to carry her gun with her.

Her rapist went on to rape another two women, and he murdered his last victim after raping her.

If she had had a gun on her, she could have found an opportunity to use it against her attacker. But politicians would tell her that a gun wouldn’t have helped her. They cite statistics that show that it would have been more likely for her own gun to be used against her. It’s as if they’re saying they’d rather her be raped and/or murdered than encourage her to own and train with guns to give her a fighting chance to defend herself.

Obama reiterated those same statistics to Kimberly Corban. Having a gun isn’t necessarily going to protect you. You have to be highly trained to know how to use it. Otherwise, as in most cases (according to him), it will be used against you.

He said that nothing he’s proposing would make it more difficult for people like Corban to purchase a gun. In effect, he’s saying that if you like your gun, you can keep your gun. We’ve heard that before, so we can trust him.