Wasserman-Schultz on Hillary Clinton Lying About Trying to Join Marines in 1975: It’s not Fair to Bring that Up!

Just think about this in comparison with how the media went haywire over Ben Carson’s autobiographical West Point “anomalies” that weren’t actually anomalies.

Hillary Clinton claimed to have attempted to join the Marines in 1975. She claimed this in 1994, but she’s apparently using that same story on the campaign trail, most recently in New Hampshire. It was a fabrication.

Even Fact Checker gave her two pinocchios.

So, since she’s been using this fabricated story on the campaign trail, MSNBC asked Debbie Wasserman-Schultz about it. Predictably, Wasserman-Schultz didn’t want to talk about it. The Daily Caller reported:

“Why on earth would she go to a marine recruiter in 1975 and try to [join the Marines]? And she was a lawyer, professor in Fayetteville, Arkansas, married to Bill Clinton or engaged to marry Bill Clinton? It doesn’t make sense,” said Mitchell.

Wasserman Schultz responded, “With all due respect Andrea, why on Earth are we talking about this?”

Mitchell retorted, “Because she brought it up in New Hampshire the other day. If she hadn’t brought it up it would not be an issue in this campaign.”


Wasserman Schultz then posed the question, “Do we need every single experience in a person’s life to be written in stone and blood and verifiable?”

Well, apparently, Ben Carson needed his stories to be “written in stone and blood and verifiable.” But we all know that even if his were, the media would still find his stories problematic in some way.

It’s nice that even MSNBC would bring this up. It’s more than I expected. But it’s nowhere near the media firestorm that surrounded Ben Carson’s non-scandal.

The takeaway from this is what we’ve known forever. Republicans should expect a prying media to examine every claim they’ve ever made whether it was a childhood story or something more recent. They are after all running for president. This is all part of the vetting process. Do we really want a man in the White House who peed his pants in kindergarten?

At the same time, it’s not fair to scrutinize candidates in the opposing party to the same extent. Some people are more equal than others.