Washington Times: We’re Freezing While Michelle Stays In Hawaii!

The Washington Times is a great paper, but sometimes the writers are guilty of making a big deal when there is no deal at all, or criticizing things undeserving of criticism.

Just about every mainstream conservative paper and blog falls into such fits of manufactured outrage over trivialities, but left-wing newspapers and blogs are no strangers to hysteria either.

However, whereas we on the Right should really be totally content with liberals making jackasses of themselves, we should not withhold criticism of right-wing sources who do the same.

We don’t want to look equally like jackasses, do we?

So I must level some criticism at The Washington Times, which juxtaposed the imagery of First Lady Michelle Obama frolicking on the beaches of Hawaii with the biting, deadly, freezing global warming that the near-entirety of the contiguous United States has been experiencing.

This article at the Times, written by Meredith Somers, opens by briefing us on the dangers of the extreme cold outside and quotes a doctor’s advice on how to avoid it (“Make sure you’re wearing gloves, scarf, ear muffs.” Gee, ya think?).

It then reads, “The crippling cold is a far cry from the Oahu breeze First Lady Michelle Obama is enjoying during her extended Hawaii vacation. Mrs. Obama remained in Hawaii for some extended R&R after President Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha arrived back at the White House Sunday after a lengthy holiday vacation. Her private vacation was a birthday gift from her husband.”

Mrs. Obama seems to be a hard woman to live with, so I rather think it was President Obama’s birthday gift to himself, a gift I have high suspicions was paid for by you and me, but that’s neither here nor there.

The object of creating such a juxtaposition is clear: to create envy and animosity. While you and the rest of America is suffering, the writer intends to say, Michelle Obama has been enjoying rain- and snow-free 77-degree weather. How dare she?

The article is accompanied by a composite image, a collage of photos of people bundled up in the gray outdoors, ice on the streets, cars blanketed heavily with snow, and Mrs. Obama ankle-deep in ocean water at a beach in Hawaii, exposing her bare arms (such “toned” arms, swoon!), soaking up rays.

So what?

She’s not part of this government. She tries to be, but she’s not. The more time she spends by herself, the less time she’ll spend being America’s nag.