Washington Needs One ‘Synchronized Toilet Flush’

There’s a report that came out of Zimbabwe over the weekend that stated that city officials in Bulawayo are trying to get its residents to do “synchronized toilet flushing” in order to dislodge sewage that has built up during recent water outages. Associated Press noted:

City authorities in Zimbabwe’s second largest city said Saturday they were appealing to home owners to flush their toilets at a specified time as a way to unblock sewers after days of severe water rationing. Bulawayo City Council has asked its more than 1 million residents to flush their toilets simultaneously at 7:30 p.m. when water supplies are restored. City officials say “synchronized flushing” is needed to clear waste that would have accumulated in sanitary facilities which will have been affected by days of water outages. Bulawayo’s two main supply dams have been drying up because of drought conditions prevailing in the arid, southwestern part of Zimbabwe, raising fears of worsening water shortages before the rainy season starts in November.

Doesn’t this sound like an allegory to Washington D.C. politics? Isn’t that what D.C needs? One giant synchronized flush that will wipe the slate clean. For too long, the media airwaves and Americans’ ears have been clogged up with all the filth, the corruption, the back-room deals, the RINO’s, the lying, the name-calling, the race-baiting. For the past four years, we’ve put up with the most corrupt and foul administration in our history. Isn’t it time we just flush them all out and start over? If only it were that easy.

The Zimbabwe story parallels D.C. all the way down to the month when things start to get better: November. And this November, we’ll be voting for more than just president. It will also be our chance to “vote the rascals out” of the House of Representatives or fight to keep the good guys in. But some representatives are leaving on their own volition. Twenty-one Democrats and nineteen Republicans are retiring and won’t be returning. The San Francisco Chronicle summarized the Congressional race this year:

Because of reapportionment and redistricting, more than three dozen incumbents (of both parties) are fighting for their political survival. Add to that the larger-than-normal number of retirements, which has given each party some good take-over opportunities. And some 20 Tea Party freshmen are trying to prove that their 2010 upset wins were not a once-in-a-political-lifetime aberration. Democrats must gain 25 seats to win a majority in the House of Representatives, and they’re hoping for a Mitt Romney meltdown that discourages GOP turnout. It’ll be tough. Democrats are competitive in some 40 Republican-held districts. But the GOP could stake claim to up to 35 seats currently held by Democrats.

So if Republicans control the White House, will we also control the House? According the Washington Post, the national polls predict that the Dems will have the Republicans beat by only 1 seat. But it all depends on how you interpret the data in their equation. One thing is for sure, that the race for who controls the House will be a close one. So don’t forget to vote for the good guys this November. Winning the majority by a 1-seat margin may make all the difference in the world.