Was There Any One Moment When Obama Lost the Last Debate?

It’s been several days now since the third and final presidential debate.  According to many post-debate experts, it was the closest debate of the three in terms of who won.  Democrats claim an Obama victory, Republicans claims a Romney victory and few moderates are still waffling back and forth.

A number of comments I read said that Obama seemed to be sharper and quicker with his response and his putdowns than in the other debates.  One blogger suggests that this could be due to Obama wearing a tiny earphone during the debate.  He offers up a photo of Obama during the debate that seems to show something in the ear that faced away from Romney.  If he cheated to get elected the first time, why not keep cheating now towards the same results?

For me, I think the defining moment was when Obama told Romney:

“I know you haven’t been in a position to actually execute foreign policy…”

The condescending nature of that statement, along with those he made later in describing Navy ships to Romney, were inappropriate and demeaning and made Obama look like a crass jackass.  Four years ago, he had never been in a position to execute foreign policy, but it didn’t stop him.  In fact, Obama’s foreign policy since taking office has been the worse in U.S. history.  I used to think that Jimmy Carter had the worst foreign policy by giving away the Panama Canal and his failure to act on the Tehran Hostage situation, but Obama’s policies have been far more damaging than those of Carter.

One of the best pieces I’ve seen on the defining moment when Obama lost the debate was the one posted by Trifecta:

The other defining thing in this last debate was Obama constantly interrupting and his incessant lying.  He lied about Benghazi.  He lied about the military.  He showed his ignorance when he made his annoyingly condescending remark about bayonets.  He obviously was clueless about our military as many servicemen still carry and use bayonets.

So what the defining moment for you in the debate?  I’m sure we’d all like to hear.