Was Ambassador Stevens Funneling Weapons to Terrorists in Syria?

Trying to connect the dots on the Benghazi attack is a dizzying endeavor. So many names and places and most of all unanswered questions. The more we find out about the details and connections, the more we see how demented our foreign policy is and why the Obama administration lies about everything.

Based on the latest information, Ambassador Stevens was being used to broker an arms deal with al-Qaida linked militant groups who comprise the Free Syrian Army. The FSA is being used by our CIA to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime.

Claire Lopez is a 20-year veteran of the CIA. This is her assessment:

“The facility in Benghazi was never officially a consulate. The consular functions were handled at the embassy in Tripoli. So, Benghazi was set up primarily to be the hub for U. S. support for the rebels. Afterwards, it seemed to continue its function to be the point of support for the weapons that were looted from Gadhafi’s stockpile. The particular ones we’re worried about are the bigger ones, the RPGs and shoulder-fired missiles that can bring down aircraft. They’re gathering those up, buying them back, and collecting them. Then, and this is what it seems like, those weapons were going through the pipeline, coordinated by Stevens, most likely through Turkey, to the Free Syrian Army. After all, there’s a presidential finding for its support. Connecting all the dots, it looks like there was an active pipeline of weapons from Libya, through Turkey, and then to the Free Syrian Army.”

 The White House claims that they were not arming Syrian rebel forces. That was a lie. Our CIA has been arming the Free Syrian Army, which is comprised of Al-Qaida like militant forces, and the Benghazi building where Stevens died was being used to funnel weapons to these radical Muslims.

We know that on the day Benghazi was attacked, Stevens had met with the Turkish Ambassador, but we don’t know what they talked about. We also know that Stevens worked with Belhadj, who was the leader of the Tripoli Military Council, and Belhadj had been working with the FSA in southern Turkey to provide them with weapons.

The London based Times reported just 3 days after the 9/11 attack in Benghazi that a Libyan ship, whose captain was from Benghazi, docked in Turkey, and the ship was carrying about 400 tons of weapons, mostly surface-to-air missiles (SA-7’s) and rocket propelled grenades (RPG’s). The weapons were being transported to the FSA by CIA operatives.

This is the same kind of policy that created “Fast and Furious.” If we armed certain Mexican drug cartels in undercover sting operations, we could find out more about other drug cartels that we wanted to take down mostly for political reasons. The problem is, good people end up dying, and when that happens, the administration has to lie in order to cover up their bungled operations.

It’s also reminiscent of when our CIA funded and armed the Mujahideen in Afghanistan back in the late 70’s and 80’s for the purpose of fighting off another one of our enemies, the Soviets. Osama bin Laden was our ally then. This led to the creation of Al-Qaida in 1988. Then, bin Laden and Al-Qaida became our enemy and attacked us. Now, we’re arming them again to bring down Assad in Syria. And four Americans are dead, and the Obama administration doesn’t care.

The “anti-Muslim” YouTube video and the fact that numerous calls for security went unanswered, in my opinion, have both served as distractions, and both are missing the point. The Obama administration has been lying to cover up the fact that their foreign policy is to arm and finance terrorists when it’s geo-politically expedient to do so. When people die as a result, they can’t let Americans know the truth about how they support terrorists in order to accomplish their end game, and frankly, it’s been going on for decades. And what is their “end game?” Another unanswered question to which we may never find the answer.