Wanted Criminal Arrested After Wanting Police to Take New Mugshot

Remember the line from the movie Forest Gump – ‘stupid is as stupid as stupid does’? That would describe Monica Hargrove of Columbus, Ohio.

Hargrove had been indicted for aggravated robbery and kidnapping. The Columbus police posted her mugshot on their ‘Warrant Wednesday’ Facebook page. The post along with her mugshot read:

“On August 30th Hargrove offered a female acquaintance a ride to a pharmacy on E. Main St. to pick up a prescription. After the acquaintance got the prescription and got back in the vehicle, Hargrove robbed the victim at gunpoint, leaving her on the side of the road.”

The Warrant Wednesday post for Hargrove received 64 shares and 54,000 page views. One of those page views was Hargrove herself and she wasn’t happy. According to Denise Alex-Bouzounis, public information officer for the Columbus police department:

“This is a first for us. She really didn’t want her face out there for everyone to see.”

“It included her mug shot, her name and information about the crime.”

“She contacted the detective listed on the Facebook post and said, ‘Hey, I want my picture down.’ [The detective] said, ‘Come on in and we’ll talk about it.'”

“She came in and he put her under arrest.”

When Hargrove arrived at the police station to discuss her unflattering mugshot, she had her hair all done up fancy and must have thought that they would just take a new mugshot photo and let her walk out.

I’ve heard of stupid criminals before, but Monica Hargrove has moved up to the top of that list. She deserved to be arrested not only for her crimes but for being so stupid. I hope she is locked up for a very long time.