Wage Gap: Hillary Paid Women 72 Cents for Every Dollar Paid to Men

According to a report released by the Washington Free Beacon, back when Hillary was a senator, she paid female senate office workers 72 cents for every dollar paid to male workers.

I personally don’t care about that wage gap. And it’s not just because I’m male and think men should be paid more than women. It’s not that at all. The amount of reimbursement a worker gets in exchange for labor is dependent on many factors. Experience, education, skill level are just a few. If a man makes more money than a woman, that doesn’t mean that there’s sexism inherent in “the system.” It just means that he’s in general more qualified, more knowledgeable, more valuable than the female counterpart. But there are plenty of instances where a worker who happens to be female is more valuable than her male counterpart.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

The Hillary Clinton campaign has confirmed the accuracy of a Washington Free Beacon analysis that showed that women working in Clinton’s Senate office were paid just 72 cents for each dollar paid to men.

The campaign told FactCheck.org it does not dispute the accuracy of the report, which analyzed the office’s publicly available disbursement forms from fiscal years 2002 to 2008 and found that men working for Clinton had a median salary $15,708.38 higher than women.

The Clinton campaign says, however, that a study using private salary data provides a more accurate (and more favorable) story.

The campaign provided FactCheck.org with what it claimed to be a list of the “name, gender, title, and annual salary of every full-time person employed in Clinton’s Senate office between 2002 and 2008.”

Miraculously, the median annual salary for men and women based on this campaign-provided list was found to be an identical $40,000.

Unfortunately, the salary numbers that were used have not been made available to the public.

So, they don’t dispute the report, but claim that their own study showing perfect gender income equality is more accurate. It’s just that the data they used for their own report are conveniently not available to the public. Hm. Go figure.

I may not have a problem with this “wage gap,” but considering how much of a deal it is to people like Hillary, she of all people should make sure to pay all her workers exactly the same, regardless of gender. Right? I think there’s a name for this sort of thing. It starts with an ‘H.’ Hippo… hippopotamus… Hippocrates… Hypocrisy! That’s it.

Apparently, it’s enough hypocrisy that it might change the minds of some of Hillary’s (hopefully-soon-to-be-former) supporters: