Voter ID Law Stands in Texas Says SCOTUS

Ever since the US Supreme Court overturned some of the federal voter laws, it opened the door to states passing voter ID laws. Of course this has not set well with the liberal Democrats who continue to file legal challenges against any voter ID law that requires a person to prove who they are in order to exercise that right and duty to vote.

One of the states to take advantage of the Supreme Court’s decision is Texas, which has been under Republican control for a few years now. Their state law spelled out seven forms of identification that are acceptable for voting. One of the acceptable forms of ID is conceal carry permits, but college ID’s are not acceptable.

Eric Holder’s liberal and anti-American Justice Department challenged the constitutionality of the Texas law claiming, as they always do, that it discriminates against nearly 600,000 blacks and Hispanics.

Federal District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos ruled the Texas law unconstitutional, claiming it placed a burden on the right to vote. She compared it to the old poll taxes that were made illegal years ago. Is it any coincidence that the judge is Hispanic and was appointed to the bench by Barack Obama?

Ramos decision was quickly appealed by the State of Texas and a federal appeals court placed her decision on hold. Since early voting in Texas starts today, the State of Texas appealed to the US Supreme Court. State Attorney General Greg Abbott called Ramos’ decision and statement preposterous and told the high court that she ignored evidence that fully supported the state.

On Saturday, the Supreme Court ruled that the Texas voter ID law was legal and that it would be enforceable in next month’s election. The vote was 6-3 in favor of the Texas voter ID law, with Justices Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan voting in dissention, which is not a surprise.

I still don’t buy the argument from liberals that requiring a valid ID in order vote prevents, in this case 600,000 blacks and Hispanics from voting. If they are able to go and vote, then aren’t they also capable of going and acquiring a valid ID? Many of the same poor blacks and Hispanics are most likely receiving some form of state or federal assistance and they need some form of ID to receive that assistance. If they are capable of going to file for government assistance such as food stamps (EBT cards), welfare, housing assistance or any other type of government help, then why aren’t they capable of going and getting a valid ID in order to vote? These same people are also capable of going to the store to buy groceries, tobacco and liquor, so why aren’t they able to go and get a valid ID?

Lastly, why is it only poor blacks and Hispanics that appear to be incapable of obtaining a valid ID? What about poor whites or any other ethnic group? Are they somehow more capable of obtaining a valid ID than blacks and Hispanics?

All voter ID laws do is to make sure that everyone is able to cast their vote one time only and that no one else can vote for them. It also helps to prevent dead people, illegals and pets from voting.

There is only one real reason that liberal Democrats, including the Justice Department and Eric Holder, are fighting against voter ID laws and that’s because it helps prevent voter fraud. Yeah, I know that liberals claim the incidence of voter fraud is very small and won’t make any difference, but what would you expect when most instances are investigated by the most corrupt Department of Justice in American history?