Vote Fraud in Virginia, Maryland and New Mexico?

There are reports of vote-flipping and vote fraud.

I’m sure there are plenty of other states involved as well, but these were just the states that happened to be in the headlines at the time.

Liberals are always saying that vote fraud doesn’t exist. Unless of course it happens to be the Presidential election in 2000, where Bush stole the election from Gore, who was the obvious winner. To liberals, vote fraud only exists when it’s the Republicans stealing votes from Democrats. Democrats would never steal anything from anyone.

The Daily Caller reported on instances involving vote-flipping machines (where votes for Republicans were switched to Democrats), and vote fraud, where someone tried to vote more than once:

Virginia Republicans are warning voters that they have received credible reports of several voting machines changing votes for Republican candidates to Democratic candidates.

“[The Republican Party of Virginia] is monitoring an apparently [sic] problem with touch screen voting machines in Virginia Beach and some other localities,” an emailed press release read. “We have alerted local officials, as well as the Department of Elections. We are reminding all voters using these machines to review their ballots carefully before they are cast.” [Emphasis in original]


Across Maryland this Election Day there have been widespread reports of “vote flipping,” where the voting machines automatically switch votes from a Republican candidate to the Democrat. So far, 25 machines have been taken out of commission due to these problems.

And then, from KOB-TV, Albuquerque:

The first case of voter fraud in New Mexico this election has been confirmed by the Rio Arriba County Clerk’s Office.

According to the Rio Arriba County Clerk’s office, a voter trying to cast an early ballot in Espanola Saturday was told he had already voted three days prior.

The man told poll workers he hadn’t voted. He was then shown the signature of the voter, but he says it wasn’t his signature.

To find out just how easy it is to steal an election using electronic voting machines, watch the documentary Hacking Democracy sometime