“Virginity Rocks” Shirt Banned At Public School

“…her vice principal told her that the shirt could distract the classroom environment, with the possibility that it ‘opens up too many doors for conversations.'” – EAG News, quoting 5News

A female junior high student in Fayetteville, Arkansas was reprimanded for wearing a certain shirt, which the administration said was inappropriate, because it could cause a distraction in the classroom, or open the door to unwelcome conversations. This shirt was not a violation of the dress code, it was not overly revealing, it did not depict something gratuitously violent or culturally insensitive, it did not have offensive language written on it, and it did not depict anything that would be considered offensive to the majority of people. So, why was the shirt banned? Because it advocated a personal lifestyle choice. This lifestyle choice is virginity.

The apparently offensive shirt reads “Virginity Rocks” across the front, and on the back, it details the beliefs of those who desire to wait until marriage to lose their virginity. According to EAGnews.org:

The incident is seemingly contradictory to the detailed and graphic sex education curriculum in place in many public schools.”

To demonstrate the juxtaposition, EAG goes on in their article to detail a particular sex education curriculum in Hawaii which discusses, and promotes bondage, and other graphic sexual behavior.

I have a question. If every public school teaches sex ed, and if it is a component of every school’s curriculum, why would there be such an aversion to a “virginity rocks” tee shirt? Isn’t virginity part of the sex education discussion? Isn’t virginity a part of the sexual conversation? According to EAG, the principle of the school was concerned that the tee would promote uncomfortable discussion. I guess learning how to put a condom on a banana, or learning about BDSM doesn’t promote uncomfortable discussion.

If a student wore a shirt advocating something more politically correct than virginity, such as a “Legalize Gay” shirt, would the administration be so inclined to speak up? I doubt it. If a “Legalize Gay” shirt were banned, there would be no end to the national firestorm that would erupt. The major news networks, the New York Times, and The Daily Show would scold, mock, and demand that the person responsible be fired—and probably burned at the stake for good measure.

Virginity, you see, is associated with Christianity, and as we all know, Christianity has no place in public schools. Virginity and those who promote waiting for sex represent a virtue that in 2014 is considered backwards, and judgmental. More than that, a student openly advocating for virginity might cause other students to enter into discussions of religion, and faith, and that might lead to Christianity being discussed in a public school. The horror!

In public schools today, politically correct individuals, and ideas are protected, and treated with extraordinary reverence, while Christianity is denigrated, and mocked. We live in a culture in which Christianity is viewed as a threat, because it calls into question all the increasingly immoral behavior of 21st century America. No one wants to be judged, and so to avoid judgment, they have erased anything related to Christian morality from every public institution.

We live in a country in which a tee shirt with “Virginity Rocks” written across it is banned, yet junior high, and high school kids learn about condoms, BDSM, and erogenous zones in graphic detail. Rome is burning, and no one seems to care to put out the fire.