Violence From Radical Islamists No Different Than Others?

Muslim Congressman Says That Violence From Radical Islamists is No Different Than Violence From Christians & Jews.

The Nizkor Project states that a Red Herring “is a fallacy in which an irrelevant topic is presented in order to divert attention from the original issue.

According to CNN:

[Dem. Rep. Andre Carson] The first Muslim lawmaker to serve on the House Intelligence Committee said Friday that the violence perpetrated by Islamic radicals in the name of their religion ‘certainly doesn’t represent the [Muslim] religion’ and encouraged those of all faiths to come together to stop it…It’s not any different than those who claim to be Christians or Jews or Hindus and commit atrocious acts.”

The discussion regarding radical Islam versus peaceful Islam is seemingly never ending, and many in the media seem content to completely ignore the connection between Islam, and terrorism altogether. Like Rep. Carson, many on the left, and the right continue to make the false equivalency between radical Islamic terrorism, and acts of violence committed by Christians, Jews, and those of other religions. It’s a red herring.

The false equivalency can be seen in between the lines, where Carson is implying that violent acts perpetrated by Christians, Jews, and Hindus are of equal significance, and import as those committed by radical Islamists—which is categorically false. While Carson doesn’t say that specifically, that is his implication.

Carson makes certain to include the half-truth that what radical Islamists are doing is no different than what anyone else would do were they following a misrepresentation of their own faith. Violence is violence, whether it’s in the name of Allah, or God, or Shiva. While that is indeed true, it’s his attempted equalization of scale that renders his argument invalid.

Within the modern scope of violent, terroristic acts, Islam ranks at the top by a wide margin in terms of sheer volume, and pervasiveness. According, which keeps a running, and extremely detailed tally of Islamic terror, in the month of December alone, nearly 2500 individuals were killed by radical Islamists. Just this week, 745 were murdered by radical Islamists. This leads me to ask: Where are the Christian terrorists? Where are the Jewish terrorists? Where are the Hindu terrorists? Where is their tally?

Certainly, there are those who have committed atrocious acts in the name of Christianity, and other faiths, but those instances are so few, and far between as to be made almost irrelevant in the vast shadow of radical Islam.

If these violent acts don’t represent the Muslim religion, as Carson alleges, from where do they come? What do they represent? Regardless of your opinion regarding the open-ended verses of violence in the Koran, these extremists believe that what they are doing is fully supported by their holy book.

Do you believe that the terrorists are warping the Koran to serve their own purposes? They are still using it to justify violence. Do you believe the majority of Muslims are peaceful? There are still hundreds of thousands of radicals participating in organizations like ISIS, and Al Qaeda, and they use the Koran to justify their behavior. Do you believe that roundly criticizing radical Islam will drive Americans to behave violently toward non-radical Muslims? That still doesn’t change the fact that radical Islam is a pervasive threat. Do you believe that Christians, Jews, and Hindus are as equally violent as radical Muslims? Show me the evidence to support that claim, and I’ll be happy to recant.

Rep. Carson alleges that radical Islam is as equally significant as radical Christianity, or radical Judaism, or radical Hinduism. However, the absolute prevalence of radical Islamic violence compared of the immeasurably small violence perpetrated by Christians, Jews, and Hindus is telling of something—and that something is that radical Islam is indeed representative of a statistically significant portion of Muslims. That is a fact, and one from which we must not shy away.