Video: Walmart Rejects Confederate Flag Cake Request; Agrees to Make ISIS Flag Cake

The anti-Confederate flag sentiment that’s still sweeping across the nation’s businesses has little to nothing to do with any actual desire to reject racism and more to do with posturing and projecting a righteous image purely for business purposes.

Big businesses follow market trends. As soon as they see the benefit in pretending to “take a stand,” they’ll the take the opportunity. Businesses may find that not taking a stand will result in profit loss. With something as politically correct and artificially divisive as getting angry over the Confederate flag, businesses knew that they’d better act quickly, or else they’d get skewered by the media and have to suffer subsequent boycotts.

Walmart was one of those big businesses which “took a stand” against the Confederate flag. And just to show how phony their stance was, one customer gave them the cake test. At first, he requested a cake with the Confederate flag and “Heritage not Hate” written on it. Predictably, Walmart rejected his request, because they don’t tolerate racism and hate. How holy of them. A day later, he requested a cake with the ISIS flag on it. Not surprisingly, Walmart went ahead and baked his ISIS cake without question. Take a look:

Yes, this is the flag that represents love and tolerance, which is why Walmart was so willing to make it for this customer. ISIS is that group of loving Muslims which are wreaking havoc in the Middle East, raping, torturing, and beheading Christians, selling young girls into sex slavery, and doing pretty much the worst things you can possibly imagine. The flag that represents that group is fine with Walmart.

But the flag that represented the South during the War Between the States is not allowed. The South wanted to secede and defend themselves from a tyrannical and aggressive government. But, unfortunately, whoever wins the war, writes the history books. The worst things that the history books accuse the South of are apparently worse than anything ISIS has done.