Video: Trump Compares Carson to Child Molester

There’s a point in a presidential race where a candidate can go too far, and Trump has been way past that line from the beginning.

Here he is, comparing his rival Ben Carson to a child molester:

I understand why people like Trump. His appeal with voters stems from the fact that he isn’t beholden to the same special interests that your stereotypical politician is beholden to. For this reason, he can mouth off about everything in D.C. and the media without fear of retribution. Well, he’ll get retribution, but not in the form of some big donor who all of sudden pulls his financial support. Trump already has money. So, he doesn’t have to worry about what he says. He can pretty much say what’s on his mind whenever he wants.

Since he has no inhibitions, he can say a lot of what people think about politicians and the media. He can say what other politicians are afraid to say. He’s able to tap into an angered voting population who has become all too familiar with spineless, lying politicians in their own party. They want someone who will “stand up to the establishment.”

I always thought he was kind of a joke, and I still think that. He’s all “style” (if that’s what you call it) and no substance. He doesn’t have a well thought-out platform. He’s trying to skate all the way to the White House by insulting everyone. What bothers me the most is that it might work.