Video: Reporter Booted Out of Black Lives Matter Rally for Being White

A White reporter was kicked out of a “blacks only” event that allegedly wanted to raise awareness of racism.

In Ohio, Black Lives Matter activists got together for a 3-day conference at Cleveland State University, demonstrating against what they see as systemic racism in the law enforcement community. The rally was mostly peaceful, but there were some tense moments that could have easily erupted into a riot.

On Sunday, protesters witnessed a black teenage boy being arrested by a white Cleveland RTA cop. If it were a white guy getting arrested, there would have been no incident. White lives don’t matter.

As it turned out, the boy wasn’t actually being arrested. He was in handcuffs as a matter of policy after he was found passed out and drooling at the bus station. So, the police took him into custody, where they could question him and find out where his parents were. He was eventually released to his mother after medics arrived to check on him.

Since the whole event was about how white cops target blacks, it didn’t matter what the boy was in handcuffs for. They were all sure that this was another case of white privilege. During the boy’s “arrest,” angry protesters came and crowded around the cop car to prevent him from being able to drive the teen to police headquarters. So, the cop got out and pepper-sprayed some people.

Several protesters caught the incident on video and posted it to social media. When Northeast Ohio Media Group reporter Brandon Blackwell saw the video, he rushed down to the scene to cover it. He usually reports on police incidents and demonstrations.

He started recording a crowd, which had gathered in a circle outside a CSU building. But he wasn’t able to record for long, because a demonstrator announced to everyone that only people of “African descent” were allowed to be present. Blackwell, who happens to be white, didn’t want any trouble, so he backed away from the crowd, but he kept recording. Then, the crowd started chanting, “Stop filming!” Later on, he’s again confronted, and a demonstrator told him, “I’ve got 800 black people behind me; what the f*** are you going to do?” Here’s his video footage:

It was public property, so he had as much right to be there as they did. And he wasn’t causing any trouble. Everything was fine, until that guy made the announcement that non-black people weren’t allowed.

But this whole event was supposed to be about racism. They accused Blackwell of being a federal agent, an agitator, a white supremacist (because he has a cross tattoo on his inner arm…and because he’s white), and privileged. Yes, black lives do matter. But does that mean that no one else does?