Video: Rand Paul Storms from Interview; Shuts Off Lights on Reporter

It’s been amusing watching the media concoct their narrative about Rand Paul being this misogynistic and ill-tempered person. When the media make silly attacks like this, you know they’re afraid of something and view Rand as a threat.

Recently, The Guardian was able to get in a little interview with the Senator. Paul told the interviewer that he only had time for one more question. The reporter asked his question, Rand answered it, and then he had to leave for another interview, one with Dana Bash.

Somehow this got interpreted as “Rand Paul Walks Off Interview With The Guardian.” And then they even blamed Paul for turning out the lights. As if Paul wanted to leave so badly, because he was just too afraid of the interviewer’s next question. These media people give themselves way too much credit.

Paul had to leave to get ready for the next interview. And he wasn’t even the one who turned out the lights. That was the CNN crew, who wanted a different lighting setting for their interview with Paul. But when you’re dealing with the media, facts don’t matter.

The Guardian wasn’t the only one pushing this story. Here’s Politico:

Sen. Rand Paul walked out of a Guardian U.S. interview being conducted via the live streaming app Periscope on Friday.

Guardian reporter Paul Lewis was asking the Kentucky Republican and 2016 Republican presidential candidate about criminal justice reform.

“One more question for you, sorry we have to sometimes be a bit forceful, when you stand for president you get pressed and questioned and you understand that,” Lewis said, before mentioning that at Paul’s campaign launch on Tuesday he got an enthusiastic response to his calls for criminal justice reform. 

“You’re standing for the Republican nomination, all the research shows that Republicans, white Republicans who will determine the outcome of this race, don’t think criminal law is applied in an unfair way, so how are you going to win the nomination with this…” Lewis asked before being cut off by Paul.

“I think your premise is incorrect,” Paul said. “I think I can take that message into a white Evangelical church anywhere in Iowa and give the exact same speech and be received well.”

Lewis then tried to quote a recent Washington Post and ABC poll, before Paul pointed at him, looked at his staff, said something unintelligible and walked out.

Lewis got back in front of the camera to explain what happened when the lights in the room were turned off. 

Later in the Politico article, the author tried to connect this “incident” with Paul’s recent interviews, which have, according to media personalities, shown him to be a woman-hater with a bad attitude. I think it’s refreshing having a candidate like Rand who isn’t afraid to put the media in their place. If the reporters are too cowardly to deal with someone like Rand, then they should either start asking real questions, or leave the interviewing to others who are more qualified.