Video: Rand Paul Schools The View on Automatic Rifles

The ladies of the The View had Senator and presidential candidate Rand Paul on their show. They brought up the press conference the other day where President Obama cried about mass shooting victims.

They asked Paul what he would have done had he been president. He said that he would have to go to Congress, because it’s dangerous for the president to have as much executive power as Obama does. Having that much power vested in the executive branch will lead to tyranny.

But the ladies remarked that Obama has gone to Congress, and they refuse to do anything about “gun violence.” I would have said that at that point then, there’s nothing the President can do. He can approach Congress and try to persuade them, but if they don’t do what he wants, there’s nothing he can do. This is called checks and balances. It’s that way by design.

Even if the president wants to do something that we agree with, he should go about it the right way and not fall into the temptation of going the easy way with an unconstitutional executive order.

Rand Paul was extremely gracious toward them. Whoopi Goldberg told him that she herself is a gun owner. But she thought that there’s no reason for anyone to own an “automatic” weapon. The Senator very politely corrected her about the terminology, noting the distinction between currently illegal – mostly anyway – automatic weapons and currently lawful semi-automatic weapons.

Semi-automatic rifles operate the exact same way as semi-automatic handguns, the type that Whoopi probably owns herself. They’re essentially the same firearm, except the rifle is bigger and looks a little different.

They still didn’t get it. The audience still applauded. What Whoopi wants is a ban on semi-automatic rifles. But semi-automatic handguns are okay? Because they’re not as “scary” looking?