Video: Hundreds Of ‘Upstanding Citizens’ Storm Into USA From Mexico!

Watch this video from It shows hundreds of Mexicans crossing the border into California.

At first they can be seen herding along the concrete wall separating that section of our two respective countries, which then turns into a 10-feet-tall wooden fence.

The whole stretch of wall and fence is covered in spray-painted graffiti, but do not fear, for that’s not a testament to the caliber of people storming the country. Why, they’re all coming here to be firefighters, small-business owners, and neurosurgeons. Look at the scientists flock while shouting “Ándale!

At approximately the 1:20 mark of the video, a Mexican male grabs hold of the narrow wooden strips that make up that fence and tries hoisting himself up and over it. Probably practicing for the United States Marine Corps.

At approximately the 2:40 mark we see a Mexican woman with one leg, crutching herself along with the help of presumably her adult son. Nah, she’s definitely not coming here for our welfare programs!

Waiting at what appears to be a break in the border fence (!) is a gathering of border-patrol vehicles and officers. A shouting standoff ensues, a handful of Americans upholding the law, the backbone of civil society, versus hundreds of future marine biologists (McDonald’s employees).

The Americans repel the invaders with tear gas, and not a tear do I shed for the latter.

This whole coagulation of Mexicans attempting to get past border patrol are criminals. Their very actions make them so. They are skirting the laws of our country—our country, not theirs—to break into our property—our property, not theirs.

They leech off our taxes, they send billions of dollars back to Mexico, they clog our emergency rooms merely to get medicine for the common cold, they demand special privileges, they sue for exemption from our laws and exception to our laws, they dilute and disrespect our culture, they traffic drugs, and they murder our people. It’s the Mexican dream (they’re just DREAMers, don’t you know?).

Liberals try to stir sympathy for illegal immigrant colonizers by saying they’re forced to live in the shadows here, as if they are merely Mexican versions of Anne Frank. If only they were as oppressed as the liberals make them out to be! If they’re choosing to live here as criminals, they should be living in fear.

Poor Ana Franco, loitering in the shadows at the edge of a parking lot, unkempt, unclean, waiting to provide a white man a day’s worth of labor, and to receive from him, in return, cash to send back to Mexico, while the money our poor refugee makes working the night shift at Taco Bell is spent on gut-revealing shirts two sizes too tight, wheeled three quarters of the way home in shopping carts stolen from parking lots and then abandoned on the side of the road, the Mexican contribution to American scenery as advocated by the Democratic Party.