Video: Funeral for a Frozen Chicken in a Grocery Store

An animal rights group in California held a funeral for a frozen chicken in a local grocery store in Berkeley.

This is one of those videos that fall under the “what-in-the-world-did-I-just-watch” category. But this is a real group of people, and the video is not a parody, as much as it seems like one.

You hear the group chant, “It’s not food; it’s violence.” And they talk about other things like the chicken’s family, it’s sisters and brothers and parents. “It’s not your body; it’s theirs. It’s not your eggs; it’s theirs.” And so forth.

Here, take a gander:

I understand the issue of treating animals humanely. I don’t like the meat industry’s desire to mass-produce cattle and chickens and other animals to the point that there’s no room for them to walk around. They’re able to mass-produce them the way they do, because they pump them full of growth hormones to the point that some of them can’t even stand on their own legs. They’re prone to disease because of their atrocious diet, which requires the use of antibiotics. Their living conditions are so bad that many of these animals are wading through their own feces. To me, those things are disgusting.

But I don’t think the solution is to outlaw eating animals. Animals like chickens and cattle are there for us to eat. But they should be well-taken care of. I think the solution is to either raise your own animals for your and your family’s consumption; or as often as you can, buy from a local farmer you trust.

If these chickens aren’t slaughtered and eaten, they’d likely become some other animal’s food. It’s silly to pretend that not slaughtering them will allow these animals to live in “peace” and “harmony” as if they’re in some Disney movie. Many animals are violent by nature. If humans didn’t eat these animals, some other animal would.

And one other thing. I wonder if this animal rights group is as passionate about the life of an unborn human being as they are about a frozen chicken. My guess is that they’d say that the baby’s body was the mother’s, not the baby’s.