Video: D.C. Residents Assume Hillary’s Multi-Million-Dollar Mansions Belong to Republicans

Of course, huge multi-million-dollar mansions belong only to members of the GOP. Everyone knows they represent the 1%. Democrats like Hillary Clinton have to work hard for peanuts, and as a result, they can only afford to live in huts. This is also what makes Democrats very relatable to everyday Americans. The GOP all make trillions of dollars a year, so a $10 million house is nothing to them.

How shocking it must have been to these D.C. kids that Hillary Clinton owned or leased multi-million-dollar mansions. The folks over at Campus Reform pulled a somewhat fast one on respondents. The host held a poster with four pictures of big mansions and asked passersby who they thought owned them. They were given the options of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Martin O’Malley, and Jeb Bush.

Respondents (at least the ones who made it to the video) all thought they must have been Republican houses. O’Malley and certainly Clinton wouldn’t have been able to afford a house even a tenth the size of the ones on the poster. But they were wrong:

This is not to say that Rubio or Bush or Trump don’t live lavish lifestyles compared to average Americans. They do. They and many other politicians, regardless of political party, live like celebrities. Like actors and actresses, they play parts, and depending on how well they play those parts determines whether or not they’ll get the gig.

Clinton’s still auditioning for President. It’s still possible that she’ll be able to deliver the lines from her script convincingly enough that people will believe that she’s been “dead broke” and relates to everyday Americans (both laughable claims), and that “the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top” (as if she’s not at all even associated with the super wealthy). People like being lied to.