Video: Cop Slaps Man for Refusing to Consent to Car Search

Consent to car search or suffer abuse!

They say we have a 4th Amendment right to be safe from unreasonable searches and seizures, unless there’s probable cause and a warrant, or if we consent. Yet, if you don’t consent, that must mean you’re guilty of hiding something. And if you ask that the officer first obtain a warrant based on probable cause, that must also mean you’re hiding something.

Obviously, we don’t really have those rights, because cops violate them routinely with impunity. They treat the Constitution as if it’s an outdated piece of trash, and their oath to it is a mere formality that’s required as a condition of employment.

As a result, police nowadays are acting more and more like the British soldiers of 18th century America who served as the very inspiration behind the 4th Amendment.

The Daily Caller reported:

A Saratoga, N.Y. County police sergeant has been suspended without pay after a video surfaced showing him striking a man and taking his car keys after the man resisted demands to search his vehicle.

Sgt. Shawn Glans confronted Adam Roberts and Colin Fitch as they were returning to Fitch’s car after a party early Friday in Halfmoon, a town just north of Albany.

Glans stopped the pair after spotting a .22-caliber rifle in Fitch’s backseat, Roberts told the website Photography is Not a Crime, which collects videos of citizens filming the police.

Glans wanted to search the car, but Fitch resisted, saying he had done nothing wrong.

Video of the encounter begins as Fitch is asking Glans, who was not aware that he was being filmed, why he wanted to search the car.

“It’s just not right, that you just want to search my car for no reason,” Fitch says.

“We’ll get a f****** search warrant, alright,” Glans responds. “You want to do that?”

“Let me see your f****** keys,” Glans demands.

“Why?” Fitch asks.

“I’m going to search your f****** car, that’s why,” Glans says.

“You can’t do that,” says Fitch.

“You want to f****** resist?” Glans asks as he strikes Fitch in the back of the head while grabbing his car keys.

The officer tosses the keys to another officer, who is off camera, instructing “search the f****** car.”

“If you have nothing to hide in there, we’re just going to check and be on our f****** merry way. Understand? A**hole,” Glans says.

“That was intense,” says Roberts, who was secretly recording the encounter.

“You like that, huh? I can get a lot more intense,” Glans brags.

“Will you slap me around?” Roberts asks the officer.

“Yeah, I’ll rip your f****** head off and s*** down your neck,” Glans answers.

The cops forcefully searched the car, without probable cause, without warrant, and without consent, and they found nothing illegal. The rifle that sat in the back seat was legally purchased, and the cops let the guys go after they produced the receipt.

Warning:  Strong Language:

Thankfully, this particular incident was recorded, and the officer involved admitted that had he known he was being recorded, he would have behaved better.

After the video went viral, the police department decided to suspend the cop without pay. I guess the one good thing about these sorts of incidents is that our country still frowns upon them. Even police departments. Most people in this country still understand that police are not above the law in the Constitution, no matter how aggressively they tell you they are, and no matter how much bravado they exude.

When we get to the point where most people defend the police in all situations like this, we’ll know we’ve completely lost.