Video: Concealed Carrier Shoots Carjacker

A minivan pulled into a carwash in Smyrna, Georgia next to another car that was being vacuumed by the car’s owner. The teen that was in the driver’s seat of the minivan got out and got into the woman’s car and put it in reverse. The woman jumped on the hood of the car, screaming for help as the car thief tried to drive off.

That’s when an armed city employee heard her and saw what was going on and shot several times at the driver, hitting him in the shoulder. Although police were able to arrest the teen carjacker, the other three in the minivan sped off, and they haven’t yet been found.

This is yet another case where a gun owner bystander was able to stop a criminal in his tracks. I’m sure these happen a lot more than is reported. This is just one case that shows the importance of always being armed.

Hopefully, the injured carjacker will give up the location of the other three accomplices, and they’ll all be arrested.