Video: California Woman Outraged Over Raccoon for Sale in Grocery Store

A woman was shopping in some ethnic grocery store when she spotted what appeared to be raccoon. She video documented her find and sent the “evidence” to the local health department and news station. She was apparently told by employees of the store that raccoon is a Chinese delicacy. FOX 40 reported:

A California health department is taking action, after a woman saw unusual items for sale in a Los Angeles area store. Video filled with profanity posted online shows a store selling frozen, dead raccoons in a freezer with other animal parts.

Employees at the market, called Metro Supermarket, told the woman raccoon is a delicacy in China. They were being sold for $9.99/pound.

The woman, Christina Dow, was clearly disturbed by the items, and took her complaints to the health department. In response, the Los Angeles County Health Department released a statement about the sale of raccoon in California:

“In general, a raccoon would be considered a game animal under the California Health and Safety Code and could be sold, as long as it is from an ‘approved source’ and not  listed as an endangered  or threatened animal by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife or is listed in 50 C.F.R. 17 Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants.”

The market has stopped selling the raccoon, according to CBSLA, until the source of the animals can be officially approved. Store employees told the news station they have been selling raccoons for years without issue.

Here’s the woman’s frantic video (Warning: Language):

The news report and the woman tried to make it sound as gross as possible. Saying “dead, frozen” anything sounds bad. I’m sure that at this woman’s regular grocery store, they sell “dead, frozen” birds like chickens and turkeys. I’m fairly certain that they also sell “dead, frozen” cows and hogs and “dead, frozen” fish. How nasty.

My grandpa told me that when he was growing up in Oklahoma in the 20’s, he’d eat opossum. He said it was greasy and tasted something like pork and they were apparently really easy to “hunt.” They’d play dead, and then they’d wrap their tails around your finger. I’m sure it wasn’t great food, but when you’re really poor and really hungry like my grandpa was, you’re just happy to be able to eat something.

I’m not sure that he ever had raccoon, but it’s something that would have been right up his alley to try. I hear the taste and consistency of raccoon is somewhere between dark meat chicken and beef, except it’s more tender. It’s not just a Chinese delicacy. People in the South eat it too. It actually sounds good. Here’s a recipe for baked raccoon. You can also prepare it in a crock pot.

This store didn’t do anything wrong. This woman is just nuts.