Video: Black Man Shoots White Thug Who Attacked Him

It was earlier this year in January that this episode unfolded at a Florida Waffle House. But the surveillance video was just recently released showing that the black customer in question acted purely in self-defense against a group of four unruly and aggressive white thugs.

One in particular charged at him, leaving him with no other option than to use his handgun against him. After being shot, the white guy and the rest of his group of friends bolted out the restaurant and fled in their SUV. They crashed the SUV, and the guy who got shot was pronounced dead at the scene.

News-Press recounted what happened:

On Jan. 5 about 2:40 a.m., Jehrardd Williams walked into the Waffle House at 4050 Boatways Road legally carrying a .40-caliber Smith and Wesson pistol. The employees knew him because he frequented the restaurant.

As soon as Williams walked in, he was “immediately verbally confronted by a group of males who were drunk,” the report said. Dakota Fields was acting the most aggressive of the group, who had brought beers into the breakfast-centric restaurant.

Williams remembers Fields saying “I am talking to both of you (n-words),” to him along with a customer whom investigators identified as Hispanic in the report. Both ignored the racist remarks.

After employees asked Fields to leave, he stormed out of the restaurant and took his shirt off as if to start a fight.

Mere minutes after Fields left, a friend of his, Robert Black, came up to Williams trying to shake his hand and apologize, the report said.

But Williams crossed his arms in front and shook his head side to side.

When Williams refused to shake his hand, Black hit Williams in the face. And Williams pulled out his gun.

“(Williams) did not fire at Black who had just punched him in the head. Instead he showed extreme restraint by taking several steps back and held the gun down at his side,” a deputy wrote in the report.

During a short shouting match, Black started creeping toward the door that was being held open by another member of the raucous group. That’s when Fields burst through the already-open door and lunged at Williams in an apparent sneak attack.

“(Williams) began to fear that all four males were going to attack him … (and) felt there was no other option but to shoot at Fields to prevent his attack,” the report said.


After shooting Fields, Williams called 911 and told the dispatcher that he had shot at someone who made him fear for his life and said he would place his handgun on the restaurant’s counter and deputies would find him lying on the floor, which they did.

I think it’s pretty clear from the surveillance footage that the man acted in self-defense. As the report stated, Williams was cautious with his gun, holding it at his side until his life was threatened by Fields. He did everything he was supposed to, and he even told the dispatcher that he’d leave his gun on the counter and get on the floor where cops would find him.