Video: Black Conservative Woman Tackles Takei’s Racism

Liberals love to talk about slavery as long as it casts them in a positive light and conservatives in a negative, racist light. What they don’t care to admit is that they are actually very much in favor of it. They just want to make sure they’re the masters.

When they see a black person or other minority start to think for themselves, the usual insults emanate. They’re mocked and ridiculed, accused of “acting white,” called “Uncle Toms,” and all the rest. They get outraged, because blacks are supposed to submit and stay on the liberal masters’ plantation. They have to believe certain things and reject particular ideas and principles. That’s how they’re kept under control.

In general, those who identify as conservatives, whether Black, White, Hispanic, or anything else, are those who refuse to be enslaved. They want to be free from the idea that the government exists solely to take care of them from cradle to grave.

As I’m sure you’ve heard, actor George Takei (as some have called “Furious George”) made some inflammatory, but predictable remarks about black conservative Justice Clarence Thomas, calling him a clown in blackface, all because he was a dissenting opinion in the same-sex marriage dispute:

Of course, Thomas’s remarks that referenced slavery and dignity that so outraged Furious George were taken out of context and completely distorted. Takei’s anger revolved around Thomas’s refusal to fit the mold that liberals have created for him based on his skin color.

Here’s one black conservative woman who let Takei have it over his racism: