Video: Armed Thugs Learn the Hard Way Not to Rob Auto Parts Store

Three armed thugs drove up to an Oakland Park, Florida auto parts store in a dark gray BMW. While the getaway driver waited in the vehicle, the two other armed men walked into the store. Initially, the two told employees that they had the wrong address, but then returned shortly thereafter and barged in the owner’s office. One of the armed thugs forced the owner to the ground at gunpoint demanding his money. The other thug forced a bystander into the office as well at gunpoint.

While the innocent bystander was being forced into the office, it distracted the other crook, providing an opportunity for the owner to grab the assailant’s legs and fight him to the ground. During their fight, the owner wrestled the gun away from him and shot the thug a few times.

While that was going on, the other crook fled and shot back at the owner on his way to the getaway car. The bullet shot through the office wall and hit the owner in the chest, but he was unfazed. The owner pistol-whipped the thug who had initially broke into his office and made sure he was completely subdued and ready to be picked up by police. The assailant is now in the hospital in critical condition. During this ordeal, the bystander fled the scene as well.

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Hopefully, after this incident, the auto parts store owner will look into getting a gun for himself. Florida’s a fairly gun-friendly state. Instead of “cracking down” on bad guys with guns, good people should arm themselves.