Video: Armed Black Driver Holds White Carjacker at Gunpoint for Police

This carjacker definitely picked on the wrong guy to rob. Hashim Fannin had just pulled into a Family Dollar parking store parking lot in Atlanta when an older white guy hopped in the passenger seat and said, “You know what this is.” Fannin pulled out his gun and ordered the guy to the ground. While the carjacker was on the ground, being held there at gunpoint by the armed black driver, he claimed that he wasn’t trying to rob the man. He thought the driver was his friend. Yeah, that’s what they all say. The Blaze reported:

Before he could say another word, Fannin pulled his firearm and pointed it at the suspect, identified as 61-year-old Edgar Horn. He proceeded to hold his would-be alleged carjacker at gunpoint until police arrived — and a bystander caught it all on video.

“You picked the wrong (expletive) to try to rob today,” Fannin can be heard saying in the video.

“I wasn’t trying to rob you,” the suspect pleaded. “I thought you were my friend.”

“You thought I was your friend?” Fannin replied sarcastically. “So you woke up stupid this morning!”

When Horn argued that “everyone makes mistakes,” the gun owner immediately shot back, “You made a mistake and got in my g**d*** car — yeah, you’re right, that is a mistake.”


When police arrived, Fannin put his pistol on the ground. While I half-expected the police to yell orders at Fannin to drop his weapon and get on the ground facedown or even shoot at him for having a gun, a white cop immediately came to Fannin and shook his hand. In the video, you can hear another cop saying, “Good job, man!” The police arrested the suspect, and that was that.

I wish all cops were like these guys. They showed respect and appreciation for what Fannin had done, and in return, they got respect and appreciation.