Video: Americans Sign Petition to Ban the American Flag

It doesn’t matter how utterly ridiculous Mark Dice gets with his prank petitions, there are always plenty of people willing to fall for his jokes. It’s hard to get through this video without laughing.

In the video, he claims that in the wake of America’s Confederate flag ban, Obama also wants to ban the American flag and replace it with one featuring a pyramid, a “gay” rainbow, and an all-seeing eye, to “signify the unity in the new world order.” Whatever that means. But when you’re dealing with gullible people, or as radio host Neal Boortz calls the “dumb masses,” meaning doesn’t matter.

I suppose it makes sense. If the Confederate flag is so evil and must be banned, then we might as well ban the American flag as well.

The current artificial and misinformed hatred over the Confederate flag is presumably about Southern racism and slavery. But the North had slavery during the War Between the States, when our current flag represented the Union (except with fewer stars).

Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was pure political posturing and didn’t actually free a single slave. It attempted to set slaves free in territories over which Lincoln had no jurisdiction and didn’t attempt to free any slaves in the North where it remained legal.

But we’re still led to believe that this was a righteous war being waged by the holy North to end Southern slavery.

Lincoln didn’t care so much about slavery as he did maintaining and expanding power. The issue of slavery was an easy and convenient political ploy to gain people’s support for the war. It was the same type of posturing we see today from politicians who want to appear to have the higher moral ground than their opponents.

If we’re going to ban the Confederate flag, we might as well ban the American flag as well. And tear down the Lincoln memorial while we’re at it.