VICTORY: FDNY Passes Female Candidate Who Failed Rudimentary Strength Tests!

Thrilling news coming out of New York. According to the New York Post, a female FDNY candidate who failed to pass the most rudimentary physical tests demanded by department training has been added to the ranks of the FDNY.

The New York Post reports what insiders have told them:

“Choeurlyne Doirin-Holder, 39, never achieved a passing score of 17 minutes and 50 seconds on the Functional Skills Test, a course of job-related tasks in full gear such as stretching hoses and dragging dummies, according to an FDNY source familiar with the training. She did not come in under 24 minutes in practice tests.”

Additionally, she failed to complete the mile and half run in under 12 minutes, even after the course was allegedly slashed by a quarter mile.

 From all perspectives, this is an important step in the right direction. For proof, look no further than San Francisco, California, where a similar situation took place.

Marie Anderson failed her training by all physical measures, but was assigned to the San Fran Fire Department in June, 2010, because the department was really lacking a woman’s touch.

Since 2010, Anderson has been an incredible asset with a sterling record, rescuing numerous small children from fires, only leaving behind several dozen adults and obese children to burn to death in the brutal flames.

Patty Louis, rescued by Anderson in 2012, praised the female firefighter:

“I may have third-degree burns across 80% of my body, but watching as Anderson labored to drag my heavy frame out of my burning house filled me with incredible pride. Women can do anything men can do! I lost all my fingers due to infections from the wholly preventable burns, but it was worth every digit to see a female make it in a man’s world.”

Frederick Barns, 13, was equally impressed with Anderson’s heroics:

“Ms. Anderson was awesome when our house caught on fire! She ran right in, and came out ten minutes later without my dad. He was too heavy, and he died in the fire. But I know that she did her best, and that makes me happy. Women shouldn’t be treated any different than men–that’s what dad used to say. Do you know the way to the nearest homeless shelter?”

As Barns walked away from the interview, presumably on his way to the homeless shelter, there was joy in his step.

This is what equality really means. Sometimes people have to die or be severely burned to show the world a woman’s worth. And I’m overjoyed that FDNY seems to be following in San Fran’s steps. I hope Doirin-Holder goes on to emulate Anderson, rescuing small children and petite women, leaving adults and the obese to literally melt in the intense flames of New York’s many fires.