Utah Woman Pleads Guilty to Murdering Her 6 Newborn Babies

In a horrifying and heartbreaking story out of Utah, a woman has pled guilty to having murdered here 6 newborn babies over the last 10 years.

While shocking, one wonders why the media would find this story newsworthy at all. Since the early 70’s our nation has legally allowed the killing of babies – so why should this story get people riled up? What is the difference between a baby being ripped apart in their mother’s womb and a baby that was smothered immediately upon birth?

Our nation allows babies that could thrive upon birth to be aborted… so what is the difference between abortion and the murder of a newborn? A few minutes? Being outside the womb as opposed to inside it? These seem like pretty arbitrary measures.

This story is horrible but so to have been the murders of some 56 million babies over the last 40+ years. Wake up America – you are a nation of hypocrites when it comes to murder.


A Utah woman pleaded guilty Thursday to murdering her six newborn babies over a 10-year period and storing them in her garage.

Megan Huntsman, 39, strangled and suffocated her children, wrapped the babies in towels and blankets and stuffed them into boxes that she put in the garage, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Huntsman, who said she lost count of how many babies she killed, faces up to life in prison for each murder. She will be sentenced April 20.

“The defendant gave birth to six children,” Utah County Attorney Jeff Buhman told the judge. ”Those children were born alive. Immediately after each child’s birth, she either choked or smothered the child to death.”

Huntsman stored the bodies in her garage for years in her quiet, Mormon community, The Associated Press reports. Huntsman began her string of murders in 1996 and ended in 2006.

Huntsman took a plea deal that could reduce her minimum sentence to five years per murder, but Buhman told the AP that it’s unlikely she will ever leave prison.

Huntsman was found out when her estranged husband found a stillborn baby, the seventh body, in the garage. This sparked an investigation that uncovered the other bodies.

Huntsman still has three daughters who are alive, ages 13 to 20, The Salt Lake Tribune reports. Police say Huntsman informed them that she was using meth.