Utah Police Get Grenade Launchers and MRAP…Just in Case

Their excuse is that they want to be prepared. It’s “just in case.” It’s funny how only certain people are allowed to use that reasoning.

If you’re a civilian, then you don’t really need anything beyond a shotgun, and even that is borderline. How many discussions have we seen involving Piers Morgan where he asks his interviewee why anyone would truly need a gun like an AR-15 or an AK-47 except to kill a massive amount of people in a short amount of time? And it was New York’s Governor Cuomo who, at the recent height of the nation’s gun control marketing campaign, shouted:  “No one hunts with an assault rifle. No one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer!”

When it comes to police and government, they can have pretty much whatever military toys they want, no matter how dangerous or extravagant, no matter how they will be misused, just in case they need them. They want to be prepared. Here’s the Salt Lake Tribune:

Utah Highway Patrol Lt. Alex Lepley imagines a scenario where a man has barricaded himself, fired a gun at police officers and placed bystanders in peril.

Enter UHP’s new mine-resistant ambush protected vehicle, “MRAP” for short. Or at least that’s what the U.S. Army called it.

The U.S. Department of Defense recently gave a surplus MRAP to the highway patrol. The law enforcement agency plans to use it to carry troopers to dangerous crime scenes and to keep those troopers safe while protecting civilians.

“Obviously, it is intimidating,” Lepley said of the dump truck-sized armored vehicle designed to withstand bomb blasts in Iraq and Afghanistan, “but that isn’t its primary purpose. It’s saving lives. I can drive this right through the middle of a gunfight.”

The MRAP is not the only gift Utah law enforcement agencies have received from the military. In the two-year period beginning in October 2011, Utah police received 1,230 rifles, according to records the Defense Department provided to The Tribune.

Utah police also received four grenade launchers, 17 .45-caliber pistols and a handful of magazines and weapon accessories.…

Each Wasatch County deputy now carries a pistol and has a shotgun and one of the military rifles [M-14s and M-16s] in his or her car or truck.

“Are they absolutely necessary? Well you never know,” Bonner said. “It’s good to be prepared. Will you ever use them? Hopefully not.”

I’m sure none of us ever want to have to use a semi-automatic rifle (except in practice) either, but having it and knowing how to use it is called being prepared. But see, they don’t want us to rely on the 2nd Amendment for defensive purposes. They want us relying on the government for [a false sense of] security. Our kids and grandkids will grow up in an America with MRAPs patrolling our streets for “safety.” They’ll be prepared by pointing grenade launchers at everyone…just in case.